GMC weekly announcments

Hi everyone,

Here are some announcements for this week:

– Membership classes are happening on Sunday after service. Please contact Pastor Chris if you are interested.

– Mother’s Day: We have some GMC members offering to babysit so that moms and dads can have a Saturday evening off this coming Saturday, May 11th from 17:00 – 20:00 at GMC.
We are having a pyjama party + movie night with the kids. We are planning on building a fort and get comfortable so feel free to bring blankets and pillows!
We will have pizza and popcorn, but please let me know if your child/children has any dietary restrictions. Please contact Shuyun for details.

– Finance and congregational meeting will be coming up later in May: there were be a few announcements regarding leadership change. We will keep you posted!

Easter 2019 at Grace Montreal Church

Join our GMC community for worship and celebration this Easter!

Good Friday Service

April 19, 2019 at 7 pm, Grace Montreal Church
This will be a time of reflection and prayer as we meditate on the stations of the cross. Please note that no snacks will be provided out of consideration to those who are fasting.

Easter Sunrise Service

April 21, 2019 at 5:40 am, Chalet du Mont-Royal

We will meet on Mont-Royal to welcome the beautiful Easter sunrise and worship together! The sunrise on Easter morning will be at 5:59 am so we will meet at 5:40 am at the lookout of the Chalet du Mont-Royal. If you would like to join a walking group, there will be two meeting points to walk up the mountain together:

  • Church steps of Grace Montreal Church at 4:50 am (contact SungWon Ryu:
  • Corner of Doctor Penfield and Peel 5:15 am (contact Phoebe Phua:

Remember to bring a flashlight, warm clothes, and water. Feel free to invite your friends and get together for brunch after the sunrise service.

Easter Service and Potluck

April 21, 2019 at 10:30 am, Grace Montreal Church

Invite your family and friends to join in our Easter worship service and celebration! A potluck will follow afterwards. Please sign-up for the potluck by April 19, 2019 on the link below:

If you are part of a small group, please contact your SG leaders for suggested potluck dishes and set-up/clean-up tasks.

Diana & Mel

GMC announcements: Feb 28th 2019

1. GMC leadership is asking for prayer as we will undergo a leadership transition soon. We are evaluating our leadership structure and roles in light of the changing strengths and gifts of our local Body. Please pray for wisdom and insight as we seek out how God is working in and maturing people in our church community and ministry.
2. Abigail and David welcomed baby Isabelle a couple weeks ago! If you would like to prepare a meal to help this new family, sign up in the link below. Abigail’s parents are visiting right now so they will be needing meals starting March 1st. Please reach out to Melanie if you have any questions!

Announcements this week at GMC

1) Women’s ministry this Sunday (Feb 10) after service – contact Melody Ng or Andrea Zoellner for details.

2) Newcomer’s lunch on Feb 17th after service at church – for those that have joined GMC in the last 6 months.

3) Our sermon discussion groups are expanding – we will be having Korean and Spanish groups (and other languages as needed, on top of our English group) after service – contact SungWon Ryu if you are interested in helping.

4) Click below to see an email we received about housing. Contact Chris Lee or Jonathan Lai if you would like more details.

GMC Announcements this Week

Hi everyone,
Here are some highlights of events coming up.
1. Family congregation meeting on Sunday Nov 11th at Shu Yin Wong and David Chau‘s after service – all are welcome to attend. Let us know if you are coming below so we can plan adequate food (yes, lunch is provided).
2. We will have a thanksgiving offering opportunity on Sunday Nov 18th (no, we are not confusing our Canadian and American calendars). Francis Rugama will be bringing in some baked goods of her mom and grandma as a offering of thanks to our church that day. We invite everyone to stay after service and enjoy those. At the same time, we will also be collecting a free-will offering for ministry needs.
3. Women’s ministry has begun and off to a great start with a time of edification, encouragement and prayer. Continue to pray for the women of our church, and if you are eligible to participate (being female), please contact Rebecca Hall to join their monthly meetings.
4. Lastly, as a modification to our prayer meetings on Saturday, Mark Leonhart and SungWon Ryu are hosting our first “GMC Word and Worship Night”
Who: anyone from GMC
What: An opportunity to spend an hour together corporately worshipping God through music and reading His Word.
When: 7:00 (what the normal time for Prayer night would be)
Where: GMC
Why: He is worthy to be praised!
Grace and peace,
GMC leadership

Thanksgiving Potluck

Hello everyone,
Thanksgiving is almost upon us! We will be having our annual Thanksgiving potluck meal after service on Sunday 7th October. Small groups have been assigned to provide specific meals for the potluck, if you are not sure what you have been assigned to, please check with your small group leader. For those of you who are not attached to a small group, you are welcome to sign up to provide any meal and to help with set-up and cleaning up. We strongly encourage people to bring Tupperware from home so that we can reduce our waste and people can take food home if there are any leftovers

We are still looking for one or two people to provide the main dish (turkey and ham). If you are able to, please let John and I know as soon as possible. The cost of the main dishes will be covered by the church.

Here is the sign-up sheet:

Thanks and hope you are having a good week!