Attend the live worship service broadcast with the rest of our congregation on Zoom!

If you are interested in joining the Virtual Congregation, please contact us for the Zoom invite.

Our online service is held via Zoom, where you are invited to worship together with fellow believers at Grace Montreal. It can be a helpful way to cultivate a greater sense of sacred time, accountability, and community, as we join and see/know that others are singing, praying, taking notes together, and simply ‘being together’ during our Sunday worship service.

  • The Zoom meeting will be available starting 10am.
  • The worship broadcast will be directly presented on the Zoom meeting.
  • Attendees will be invited to a breakout room to say hi to one another at the end of the service.

*Note: In order to access the Virtual Congregation, you will need to have Zoom installed and register an account (free). Visit Zoom website if you need to install and sign up for an account.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You will be asked to give host permission to unmute you (a one-time only request). Please make sure to grant the permission
  • Use your real name in the Zoom meeting
  • Do not use a distracting Zoom background
  • Set the view to “speaker” for better in-meeting experience
  • Be conscientious of the fact that we are all online and can see one another, so refrain from distracting behaviour (e.g. eating, inappropriate attire).

If you are experiencing any difficulties joining our Zoom meeting, please send us a message.